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New ONLINE Certificate Program Certificate In Police Mental Wellness

ONLINE Certificate In Police Mental Wellness-Now $750 (Reg. $2500)

This certificate program is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and practical skills necessary in order to address many of the physiological and mental issues that are present within front line public service agencies.

Students will learn powerful psychophysiological knowledge of the body's response to the complex trauma associated with Law Enforcement including Critical Incident Stress, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), PCTSS (Post Covid-19 Traumatic Stress Syndrome) and many other associated trauma related conditions and illnesses.

This will be combined with complimentary trauma intervention skills to assist in Peer Support Role to deal with a host of these mental health issues. These approaches can be utilized in conjunction with medical and mental health treatments, that form a preventative and responsive strategy with the general population-enhancing stress management, preventing illness, achieving optimal performance, and promoting wellbeing.

Successful candidates will earn the designation of C.P.W.O. (Certified Police Wellness Officer) after their name upon being awarded successful certification from the North American Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists.

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