It is the mission of the College of Certified Psychophysiologists to put practical science into the hands

of those motivated and entrusted in applying this science into the world and wanting to affect positive

change in our global society at large.

We are an independent learning institute offering graduate level educational programs sponsored by the bona-fide professional organization the North American Board of Certified Psychophysiologists.  

The College of Certified Psychophysiologists is a Graduate School of Psychophysiology with offices in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.  We are the official learning institute of the North American Board of Certified Psychophysiologists which provides licensing of Psychophysiologists in over 20 countries.

We offer individuals the opportunity to complete Masters, Doctoral and Certificate programs in a time efficient manner that is cost effective.  We believe that higher education should be affordable and attainable by all members of society and that the desire to have a graduate level degree should not result in large amounts of student loans that students carry with them for a good portion of their lives, trying to pay down the balance instead of taking their education and applying it to make a difference in their lives and the culture at large.

President's Message

Welcome to the College Of Certified Psychophysiologists.   We are excited to have you visit our website.   We have an amazing faculty and staff dedicated to helping you succeed. Many of our faculty members are internationally known for their research, and they bring this cutting-edge experience to the classroom.


Our Graduate degrees in Applied Psychophysiology offers a rigorous and exciting academic environment, developing both the practical skills and intellectual abilities and habits of critical thinking that make our students attractive to a wide variety of employers in the public and private sectors.


Many of our students go on to postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychophysiology, Research, and other health professions. Others go to top-rated graduate schools to teach. Your Psychophysiology program will prepare you for a future of exciting opportunities.


Please feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or require any further assistance.

Dr. Robert L. Perkins Ph.D. C.P. B.C.E.T.S. CMHO

President, Acting Dean

College Of Certified Psychophysiologists

The Field Of Psychophysiology

  • According to the North American Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists (NABCP) "Psychophysiology is the field of science that enables an individual to learn how to change physiological activity for the purposes of improving health, performance and general well being. It can involve psycho-education and also the use of precise instruments to measure physiological activity including brainwaves, heart function, muscle activity, oxygen levels, and skin temperature. The presentation of this information to the individual, often in conjunction with changes in thinking, emotions, and behavior supports desired physiological changes.

  • Applied Psychophysiologists are professionals who develop and use education and science to allow individuals to correct physiological and psychological difficulties without the use of medication or invasive medical procedures. Psychophysiology has been proven to be able to decrease or eliminate common ailments including but not limited to :   Migraine Headaches,  Tension Headaches,  Chronic Pain,  Disorders Of Digestive System,  Sexual Dysfunctions,  High Blood Pressure,  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  Attention Deficit Disorder,  Epilepsy,  Paralysis,  Anxiety and Sleep Disorders.   Psychophysiologists can be found working in hospitals, research labs, colleges and universities, private practice, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities and a number of other places.

  • The most notable Professional Organizations for Psychophysiology include:

  • North American Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists (NABCP)

  • European Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists (EBCP)

  • Australian Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists (AUBCP)

  • Asian Board Of Certified Psychophysiologists (ABCP)

  • Association For Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB)

  • Biofeedback Certification Institution of America (BCIA)

  • International Society For Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR)

  • While many laypersons are unaware of the power of Psychophysiology, most clinicians know the power it possesses. By teaching people how to control their involuntary physical processes, they can be treated for a myriad of diseases, pain disorders ad chronic problems. Whiles historically viewed as a Research Field, Psychophysiology has evolved into a licensed field of practice. Psychophysiology is growing field of science and practice.

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