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Learning Model


The College of Certified Psychophysiologists recognizes that in order to obtain attain a good education there are environmental issues that can enhance the ability of a student to perform at a higher level. One of these levels is the quality of life. Many of our students are engaged in full or part-time employment in which both time and energy are depleted and make traditional structured classroom times very difficult to attend, maintain and perform. We embrace the online learning concept which without deviating from the standard required from graduate degree programs, allows the individual to engage in learning activities at a time and place that is most beneficial for them. Through participation in monthly live seminars, and attendance of 3 in class conferences per year (approximately 1 week in duration each), this allows for a lower Residency requirement for students to be able to still obtain their graduate level degree without offsetting the current compass of their daily life while they are pursuing their education.

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