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Membership In The IACSM 

International Association Of Combat Sports Medicine

CCP Sports Medicine Programs

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The College Of Certified Psychophysiologists is pleased to announce an academic partnership on providing graduate level degrees in the area of Psychophysiological Sports Medicine specific to Combat Sports which meets the standards and requirements of the International Association Of Combat Sports Medicine.

The International Association Of Combat Sports Medicine is an organization comprised of Medical, Psychophysiological and Alternative Heath Practitioners as well as world renowned experts in the field of combat sports (Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Traditional Martial Arts and Wrestling).


Our mandate is through education and practice make these sports safer through scientific and technological advancements in the areas of performance enhancement and injury prevention and treatment. 

Dr. Robert L. Perkins Ph.D. C.P. B.C.E.T.S. CMHO
Board Of Expert Practitioners 
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Dr. Joseph Bannon Ph.D. CPS CSO
Dr. Victor Marx Ph.D.
dR. Kamau-Kokay.jpeg
Dr. Kamau-Kokau M.D.
dr. janis guthy.jpg
Dr. Janis Guthy D.C. Ph.D. C.P.
Chad Robichaux
Board Of Combat Sport Experts
sijo lozada.jpg
Raynaud de la Cruz Lozada 
Dr. Charles Trembley Ph.D. C.P.
Dr. Sonia Barrett Ph.D. C.P.
paul lozada sticks.jpg
Paul Lozada

Board Of Trustees

Brent Cook-Board Member

Dr. Veronica Maxwell-Board Member

Wayne Russell-Board Member

Dr. Robert L. Perkins-Board Member

Alexandria Kilislian-Board Member

Fred H. Dickerson-Board Member

Gemma Calicdan-Board Member

Tracy Windle-Board Member

Dr. Kevin Bratton-Board Member

Cheryl Murphy-Board Member

Email Directory


General Administration


Legal Department

Financial Aid



Brent Cook

Wayne Russell

Alexandra Kilislian

Fred H. Dickerson

Gemma Calicdan

Tracy Windle

Dr. Kevin Bratton

Cheryl Murphy cmurphy@


General Staff

Sarah Boardman

Alexandria Kilislian

Juan Pereria



Dr. Veronica Maxwell

Dr. Sharon Rowley

Dr. Robert Perkins

Dr. Chris Cappannelli

Dr. Kim Greener

Dr. Wendy Patrick

Jeff Maginnis

Dr. Michelle Vincent

Dr. Sonia Barrett

Dr. Lee McGahey

Anthony Colace

Aja Lee

Ryan Ellingham

Dr. Phyliss Hiebert

Dr. Kevin Bratton

Sampath Kumar

Michael Zannitto


2166 W Broadway #270
Anaheim, CA 92804

Tel: 888.221.1032

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